Z Max

  • Capacity
  • 90.01
  • Version
  • 1.9.2
  • Download Number
  • 3



Z Max is a strategy game where people fight with zombies and the game is traditional SLG. In fact, the story of this game is when there is a problem of water scarcity and it causes war and people fight and fight for this vital resource. In this bay you can build your own territory, chariot and helicopter. In addition to being besieged, there are also war games, castle battles, and warfare. You can join players around the world and unite.

The game has a translation system online and supports chat and translation. You can play with global players at any time and get the honorary rank. In this game you can experience the helicopter flight. This game shows the world map. In this game there is a kingdom level and the castle level gradually becomes a fair and good playing environment. If the territories unite and destroy the Boss alliance, they can expand their territory and raise resources to achieve higher performance.

In this game there are troops that directly increase the level of security of the castle. When the war is over you can call in and have free access to resources. The Arena Wars will have no casualties. In the Android game Z Max you can hire legendary heroes and increase the abilities of the soldiers.


Some of the most important features of Android game Z Max:

- Strategy game and fight

- Possibility to build territory

- Possibility of battle of the castle and the war of Tron

- Ability to play with players around the world

- Chat and translation support

- Ability to receive honorary rank

- Helicopter flight experience

- Collection of resources

- With troops to increase the security level of the castle

- Hire legendary heroes



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