Big Hunter

  • Version
  • 2.8.1
  • Download Number
  • 2


Big Hunter is a fun animal hunting game. In this Android game, play the role of a tribe leader and hunt to save the lives of your tribe and try to hunt different and large animals. Hunt for different animals in more than 2 stages and use different weapons to hunt animals. Use spears, arrows and bows to hunt animals and accurately point your gun at the right angle and shoot at the animal. Throw your arrow or spear at different parts of the animal's body to hunt the animal.

In the Big Hunter game with full control tools you can fully master the hunting weapons and drop them precisely. During the game you will be accompanied by special music and sound effects. Target the animals for better results in hunting the animals and hunt them down in the shortest possible time. The graphics of this Android game are of high quality and unparalleled quality and provide a variety of colorful space and animal presence of a unique hunting game.


Some of the most important features of Big Hunter Android game:

- Fun game in the style of animal hunting

- Play as a tribe leader and hunt to rescue the tribe

- Hunt different and large animals in more than 5 stages

- Use different weapons to hunt animals

- Select the most accurate angle of the gun for accurate marking

- Featured music and special sound effects

- Targeting animals to hunt them

- Great graphics and colorful and colorful space



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