World War 2

Developer : tiro store


World War 2: Axis vs Allies Android game is a fun and action-style tanks battle. Take part in this android game with powerful tanks in World War II and fight for your country and be proud of defeating enemies for your country. Command the epic battles of World War II and lead the army of tanks to the enemies and destroy the enemies using your own strategies. Increase the power of the tanks and get more battles in the Android World War 2: Axis vs Allies game by acquiring different weapons and equipment for the tanks. Take part in 5 different battles and experience the historical sites of World War II in 5 historic locations. Unlock different combat tactics and complete the strategy against the enemy. The graphics of this Android game are presented in excellent quality and play in a variety of action spaces offer an unbelievable war time. Some of the most important features of the game Android World War 2: Axis vs Allies: - A fun and action game in the style of battle between tanks - Participate in WWII battles with powerful tanks - - Command tanks in battles and destroy Enemies - Achieve Honor for your country - Acquire different weapons and equipment for tanks - Participate in 5 different battles in 7 historical places - Unlock new combat tactics - Unique graphics and varied action spaces

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